Stefan Hammel
Autor - Systemischer Berater - Coach

Kieferberg 25 - D-67659 Kaiserslautern
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New Release 2012

Cover of Stefan Hammel's book "The Blade of Grass in the Desert"

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Stefan Hammel:
The Blade of Grass in the Desert
Storytelling: Forgotten Medicine for Healing the Soul
A Story of 100 Stories for Counseling and Therapy
Nierstein, Germany, edition impress 2012

Paperback, 168 pages, 22 illustrations.

ISBN 3-9809771-6-1

Also available as an ebook from: (17.90 $) (11.60 £) (14.32 Euro)


Stefan Hammel works as a hypnotherapist and systemic therapist in Germany. He practices storytelling in his work and sees its timeless wisdom as a very powerful therapeutic method, which has proven extremely helpful to countless patients.

This book is a story of 100 stories and discusses their usefulness and adaptation by therapists to help alleviate the problems of their patients and help with their search for a fulfilled life.

"One should not talk about metaphors if one wants to achieve something with them. One must talk in and from them", says Stefan Hammel. This is what his book does from the first page on: it tells in stories how one can give impulses to make positive and significant life changes.

The 100 core stories are contained within a frame story, which leads, tongue-in-cheek, into the theme. Philosophically inquiring, therapeutically based, and repeatedly sprinkled with fine humour, the book covers the most important areas of counseling practice such as the world of work, partnership and family, health, the search for a fulfilled life, and coping with loss and death. Again and again, amazing insights emerge into the world of imagery in hypnotherapy.

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